Jimmy Bryant's Entertainment

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We are interested in providing excellent music entertainment for your venue! I’ll keep this as short as possible and just list some reasons you should consider using us for your music entertainment needs:

  1. Professional. We don’t do this as a hobby; it’s a career that we take very seriously. Providing the right music for the specific event is paramount. Our DJ’s are fun and energetic!
  2. Vast library of music. We have been purchasing professional DJ and Karaoke music every month for many years. Our library consists of approximately 115,000 DJ songs & 60,000 Karaoke songs. This library continues to grow every month!
  3. Completely legal library. This is important to protect us as well as the client. Use of illegally downloaded or online music is a federal crime, resulting in massive fines and possible jail time for both the DJ AND the venue where the music is played.
  4. Professional equipment and lighting. Our DJ’s are trained to use this equipment in order to provide the best sound possible. For example, with karaoke, we adjust the sound for each and every singer to make sure to give the singer (and the audience) the best experience possible.
  5. Lighting is an integral part of creating a ‘party’ atmosphere; we like to use lighting wherever possible.
  6. Reputation. Please ask around, we are proud of our excellent reputation. We are always on time and always ready to accommodate our audience. We enjoy our job and it shows!


  • Bars
  • Restaurants

Special Events

  • Weddings
  • Birthdays
  • Company and Holiday Parties
  • School Events
  • Conventions
  • Private Indoor/Outdoor Events

Vocal and Piano Lessons